Pre-Alpha Version 2!


- Doubled sprint time
- Developed Castle Main Hall 
- Dialog Prototype - King
- Magic Attack Implemented
- Experience and Level System Base
- UI Rearranged

- Movement with functioning sprint mechanic
- Status Bars with regeneration
- Basic AI
- Menu
- Resolution Options
- Audio Option Created (NO AUDIO IN CURRENT BUILD)

- Opens in fullscreen - Resolution options 640x480 and 1280x720 are windowed, 1920x180 goes back to fullscreen
- If left Idle, sprint function has large delay
- Interact key (Open Dialog) not functioning, opens on collision
- Frame Rate Issues
- AI Animations not playing

-NEXT UPDATE- (4/29/2018)
- More developed Dialog function
- Basic Inventory and Loot
- Combat System
- Audio


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97 days ago

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